Wrap up of the 2019 Camp Perry matches

2019 Camp Perry turned out to be a great year for M-K trigger users. We start off with Sean Prosser and his M-K IIA2 having a 3rd place overall finish in the President 100. Sean was the top civilian shooter with a 389-12. 2nd place had the same score with 4 more X’s. First place was 1 point higher and just 2 more X’s. The most amazing thing is in the span of 1 year Sean earned his High Master Card, a Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge and the 3rd place P100 finish. I can’t wait to see what he will achieve next year.

Sean Prossor

Sean Prosser, 2019 P100
Top civilian shooter. M-K IIA2 shooter

In the same P100 match we had Brad Schoenemann winning the Top Junior spot and coming in 15th over all. Brads team mate Thomas McGowan shot an impressive 4th place Jr. finish and placed 50th overall. Both Brad and Thomas are running our X trigger. That is some great shooting from Brad and Thomas and they have just gotten started.

Tying the 10th place shooter but put in 11th place was Wisconsin’s Thomas Kirsten shooting a 285-4. I must admit I do not know how they determine who is 10th and who is 11th , but regardless Thomas shot a fine match.

On the Texas team Madison Butler placed 8th of the top women competitors in the President’s Rifle Match. A very respectable finish. Madison uses the M-K X trigger. In fact, her trigger is the very first X trigger ever built.

The next day was the two man Freedom’s Fire Trophy match. The shooters had damp, cool and very windy weather to overcome. With Coach Kaleb “The Big Cheese “ Hall directing Team Cheddar) made up of Brad Schoenemann and Thomas McGowan), it was well overcome. Team Cheddar won it with a 978-28. This is the second time in 3 years that Coach Hall has won this match. Our next finish was the Texas team, Team Wisconsin Trigger (yes, that is the name!) with a 9th place finish, shooting a 943-15. Team Wisconsin Trigger is coached by Clayton Rogers with Michael Hoysa and Colton Giesecke doing the shooting. Considering the high wind during the entire match, a finish in the top 10 is very impressive.

Team Chedder

Coach Hall, Myself, Thomas McGowan and
Brad Schoenemann

Thursday was the 6 man Minuteman Trophy match. Wisconsin’s Team Cheddar had a very respectable 3rd place finish with a 2847-83. The team was Coached by Kaleb Hall with Thomas McGowan, Thomas Kirsten, Brad Schoenemann, James Lee, Sam Cvikota and Andrew Behnke as the shooters.

The Texas’s Teams Just Shilen and Giraud Tool placed 6th and 7th.

Friday the was the last match for the Jr. shooters, for the Magnificent Seven Junior Infantry Team Trophy known as the Rattle Battle. Last year we had our first one two finish in this event, with Texas winning and Wisconsin coming in 2nd . This year we ended up with a 3,4 finish with Texas in 3rd and Wisconsin in 4th, just behind two very talented California teams.

Wisconsin Force Jr. Rifle team

The 2019 Camp Perry Wisconsin Force Jr. Rifle team

I’m sorry if I left someone out but these are the only scores and finishes I have to date. I know of some other important things that took place this year. I was told of a bunch of personal best scores and a lot of new Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge‘s being earned by M-K trigger users. One event that sticks out to me is a first time X at 600yd. One of the team coaches (I don’t want to say what team, as not to embarrass the shooter), was talking to some other people and me about one of his young shooters. The Jr. is new to the sport and is trying very hard and is coming along nicely, building skill and experience. The coach tells us that this kid has a great attitude. He is always positive, he takes direction and criticism in stride and never lets a bad shot get him down. We are all sitting at the bench and the young person we were just talking about comes over with a smile and sits down. So naturally I asked , “How did you shoot?” The answer was a number not too impressive but with a big grin the young competitor tells us he got his first X at 600 and knows he will get more before the end of the week. Now that’s a positive attitude.