Who’s that knocking at my door

It’s been some time since I posted one of my ghost stories, so here is a good one for you.

When we first moved to Wisconsin back in 1970 we moved in to a house on Vine St.

The house was well over 100 years old (built in the 1850’s). It was built as a church, Saint Johns Lutheran Church to be exact. From the outside and inside you could not tell it was once a church and it was just a plain older-looking home.

We had a lot of odd happenings in that house and I’ll save them for a future post. The one thing I will tell you about today is a strange knocking at the front door.

In the evenings when we would be sitting in the front room watching TV we would hear a knock at the front door. The knock was not just a quick tap it was a flat out loud knock and on the metal screen door. The first few times we would get up and answer the door only to find no one was there. When I would stick out my head and look around there would be no one in sight. The house was one of only two on the block. We had a very large side yard to the north and nothing but the neighbors’ yard and house to the south. You would have seen anyone who would have knocked on the door and run away. The knocking would happen every night between 10 pm and midnight without fail. Friends and family would hear the knock and we would tell them all about it and yep they would think it odd and that would be about all. OK, so that would be a little strange story but it gets stranger.

In 1979 we moved to a new house and pretty much forgot about the knocking and other happenings. We would tell the stories to people when talking about ghosts and hauntings but that was about it. Well, one Saturday morning sometime in 1983 or 1984, I came down and sat at the dinning room table to eat breakfast and started reading the morning paper The Watertown Daily Times. They had a article every Saturday that was a look back in time. It was one of the “on this day” last year, 10 years ago, 50 years and 100 years ago. That day the 100 year ago story was about the police not having any clues in regards to several complaints from the residents of Vine St. It appears every night someone was running around knocking on the front doors of the homes all along Vine St. The police never did catch the perpetrator and I wounder if he’s still at it?

I will post some more true stories about life on Vine St. as 2019 moves along.