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We are Ron and Elizabeth Albanese.

We are owners of The Wisconsin Trigger Company. William is our son and the production manager . There is another son, a United States Navy officer, who is training at NAS Pensacola to becoming a Naval Aviator.

We will post fun and interesting stories on a variety of topics. Friends of Ron will contribute Man Stories about what happened at work. And recipes because why not?

Welcome to Tactical Cannoli Blog.

ron on bigguner

I Hear Voices in my head

The Bigguner81 podcast went well. William set up a very impressive microphone and headset for me to use. It was way better quality then the old headset and microphone combination unit I had used in the past. If it would have worked it would have been awesome, but it did not. So much for high […]

wood brothers

Memorial Day in Wisconsin

Sometime back my wife and I were out for a Sunday drive in the country. We went out towards a little town called Ashippun. The area around the town is flooded at times and it is like driving through the Florida everglades. There are even pelicans flying around. It’s a very relaxing drive. On this day, on […]

male Kodiak

Adventures in Surplus Hunting

I have been going through an old back up disc and found some photos of a surplus junk yard we used to shop at in Bedford Indiana. It was always a treat to see what was new and hunt for gold in the cutup military scrap. One of the odd things was that the owner […]

M-K X trigger review

BigGunner81 Review has Started

  We sent a trigger off to BigGunner81. He has started on his build and review and it looks like the first impression was a good one. The trigger we sent is an M-K X Biggunner81 is installing it in an AR-10 build. The link to the first YouTube video is below. BigGunner81 Review        

Nuclear Warhead. in an old wood crate

Do You Want to Buy our Nuclear Warhead?

A few years ago I was on a surplus hunt with a friend. We heard of a scrap yard in St. Louis, MO. Off we went. When we got there, we found a large scrap yard with multiple buildings, none of them in too good of condition. The yard was mostly industrial surplus. They didn’t […]

easy to use as a weapon or a tool

Always Bring a Brick

A former Dane County deputy sheriff told this story: Late one Saturday night there was a burglar alarm from a jewelry store. When the deputies got there, they found the plate glass front window shattered, in an apparent attempt at a smash and grab. Investigation in to the crime took about 10 seconds. All the […]

Any phone can be taped

Hangup And Go to The Neighbors

Names have been changed to protect the guilty. A friend of ours is an attorney. He received a panicked phone call from the wife of a client. She was panic stricken because the police had just burst in to her house with a search warrant and arrested her husband. The attorney asked what agency they […]

Vette Front open hood

Orb Scared by a Race Car Engine

Before you play the video turn up your volume. Pure American muscle! I posted this video sometime ago and always thought the object flying past the camera was a piece of dust or insect of some kind. Then after watching it, it dawned on me that it was going way too fast to be a […]