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We are Ron and Elizabeth Albanese.

We are owners of The Wisconsin Trigger Company. William is our son and the production manager . There is another son, a United States Navy officer, who is training at NAS Pensacola to becoming a Naval Aviator.

We will post fun and interesting stories on a variety of topics. Friends of Ron will contribute Man Stories about what happened at work. And recipes because why not?

Welcome to Tactical Cannoli Blog.

a Cut-A-Way AR-15 Lower Receiver

M-K Trigger Talk Part 2

Now it’s time for part 2. In part 2 of M-K Trigger Talk we will cover how a 2 stage trigger and a single stage trigger differ and the strength and weaknesses of each style. I will also indicate what to look for when you’re shopping for a new trigger.   We will start with […]

lower with an X

M-K Trigger Talk Part 1

In the past 4 years I have done a lot of question answering and explaining how triggers work. I think it’s a good time to post some of the answers and talk about the function of the M-K Triggers. Other topics I will cover are the definition of the terms used when talking about M-K […]

soft 3

How big is big enough?

An offshoot of The Wisconsin Trigger Company is  Watertown Consulting. What they do is metal finishing, phosphating, also known as parkerizing. Basically they give your AR-15 metal parts that deep black finish you have come to know and love. The first step in the process is to clean off all the cutting oil and coolant from machining. It’s […]

scope test

Scoping it out, New Discovery Optics Test

I received an email from a company in China, Discovery Optics . They produce rifle scopes , red dots, binoculars and the like. They were somewhat new and needed dealers in the USA. So I looked over the catalog and the dealer price list then started comparing their products and prices to what was on the […]

Old church now a home

Who’s that knocking at my door

It’s been some time since I posted one of my ghost stories, so here is a good one for you. When we first moved to Wisconsin back in 1970 we moved in to a house on Vine St. The house was well over 100 years old (built in the 1850’s). It was built as a […]

Camp Perry OH

Photos from Camp Perry

I was looking at the photos to post for the 2018 Competition Wrap up post and found a bunch of photos from the last few years at Camp Perry. The Wisconsin Trigger Company has done remarkable well thanks to the hard work of the young shooters we sponsor. So I wanted to post some of […]

The Camp Perry 2018 National Champions,

2018 Competition Wrap up

  2018 was another great year for The Wisconsin Trigger Company. As many people know, Wisconsin Trigger has two main teams we sponsor: The Wisconsin Jr. Force team and The Texas Jr. Rifle Team. At the Camp Perry National Matches I always joke with the head coaches that I would like to see a first, […]

A band E For Effort

We Even Get Some Work Done

Last Saturday I went out to the Trigger Shop and went into our main building to get one of the trucks for some maintenance work. What I found was a band, set up on the old loading dock. From outside it was loud, inside it was deafening. The posted video sounds bad. In person it […]

Flooded dock

Announcing The New Wisconsin Trigger Co. Swimming Pool

This has been the wettest spring and summer I can remember. We used to have a 4 bay loading dock in back. Now instead we have an Olympic sized swimming pool. The factory across the street did one better and installed a new lake in their truck lot and a moat around the office entrance. […]

PSA with M-K X

New Product coming in July

Before the Biggunner81 podcast I hinted of a new product from The Wisconsin Trigger Company. I made the announcement on the Biggunner81 podcast so now for everyone who did not watch the show or has not listened to it, listen up. Starting in July The Wisconsin Trigger Company will be selling complete AR15 lower receivers. […]