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We are Ron and Elizabeth Albanese.

We are owners of The Wisconsin Trigger Company. William is our son and the production manager . There is another son, a United States Navy officer, who is training at NAS Pensacola to becoming a Naval Aviator.

We will post fun and interesting stories on a variety of topics. Friends of Ron will contribute Man Stories about what happened at work. And recipes because why not?

Welcome to Tactical Cannoli Blog.

Our Founder Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Ron Albanese, the founder of Wisconsin Trigger Company, has passed away unexpectedly. We are in the process of re-organizing with new personnel.

Jeff Kauffman(On the right), winner of the M-K IIA2 trigger raffled off during the charity freezer match

charity freezer match by the Kimberton Fish & Game Association

Congratulations to Jeff Kauffman(On the right), winner of the M-K IIA2 trigger raffled off during the charity freezer match. With Jeff in the photo is John Butterworth. John is the Wisconsin Triggers distributor for the east coast. The event was put on by The Kimberton Fish & Game Association in Phoenixville, PA. The match had a full squad of 24 shooters and […]

Wisconsin trigger spring chart for AR-15 rifles

Understanding The Spring Combinations Of The M-K Trigger

Link to the Spring Table The Wisconsin Trigger Spring Table One of the misunderstood parts of installing and tuning a M-K trigger for your AR-15 match rifle is the pull weight. To pass the tech inspection at a CMP / NRA match you need to have a trigger pull of no less than 4.5 pounds. […]

the grave of the world's smallest man

I Drove Past this for Years

I was looking around on the interweb for obscure touristy type sites to take my wife to on her birthday road trip. I came across a website with a whole bunch of odd little out-of-the-way things to see in Wisconsin. The sites are listed by city and I saw Ixonia listed. Ixonia is the town […]

long day

Wrap up of the 2019 Camp Perry matches

2019 Camp Perry turned out to be a great year for M-K trigger users. We start off with Sean Prosser and his M-K IIA2 having a 3rd place overall finish in the President 100. Sean was the top civilian shooter with a 389-12. 2nd place had the same score with 4 more X’s. First place was 1 […]

Moon Applo 11

The Summer of 69, and What a Summer It Was

  This is the one vacation that I will never forget. Every thing that led up to my family moving to Wisconsin started that summer. My father was fresh out of the Navy and was working for Continental Can Company. He was a field installer/engineer. Continental built canning and bottling production lines. The best part […]

prototype photo

The Start of the 2 Stage AR-15 Trigger

This is not a long post. I found a photo hiding on my computer and thought I would share it. The history of the M-K II trigger in one photo. The first trigger in the photo is the very first 2 stage trigger ever fit to an AR-15. This is the prototype and start of […]

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Was Saved By a Marine’s Reaction Time

This was told to me by a very good friend. He is a retired USMC LT COL with 30 years in. He’s a big guy, always keeps himself in good shape, does a lot of defense training and helps train others. Definitely not the type of person you would randomly choose to mess with. He […]

side charge AR-15 rifle

Chapter 6 Talking Triggers, The Wrap Up

  In the previous chapters we covered the workings of a single and 2 stage trigger for AR-15 style rifles. I will bring it all to together in this last chapter. To begin with, you need to determine how you are going to use your AR-15. Are you looking for a 3 gun / speed […]

farm house ghost washer

The Ghost Had the Last Laugh

In 1969 my family moved to Watertown, Wisconsin. Back then, the Watertown area was very rural. The only shopping was in mom and pop stores and when you went to check out, the cashiers would first speak to you in German. Most of my new friends came from farm families. I mean old world rural. […]