M-K IIA2 AR-15 Tactical Match Trigger System


The M-K IIA2 Tactical Match AR-15 Trigger   Available for large pin Colt rifles

All models of M-K IIA1 and M-K IIA3 including the The M-K X are available at this time.

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The M-K IIA2 is a tactical/match trigger, at home at the 600 yard line of Camp Perry as well as in a high speed, 3 gun match.

Available in: Standard Pin, Standard Pin with The Bronze Advantage, Large Pin Colt.

  • Short reset disconnector, allowing for faster follow up shots.
  • Factory pre-cut trigger housing tail, saving time and eliminating the need to set overtravel.
  • Standard Pin (i.e. Mil-spec) size 0.155 receiver pins
  • Large Pin Colt (i.e. Mil-spec) size 0.170 receiver pins
  • When Installing the M-K II Large Pin in Colt models with a sear block it is NOT necessary to remove the sear block or modify the receiver in any way.

*The Bronze Advantage

Available in all standard pin models.
Extremely slippery bronze gives the M-K II standard pin models the smoothest, drag-free pull through first and second stage. Bronze Advantage is not available in large pin models M-K II A1 and A2

  • Bronze insert installed in the trunnion and machine finished to fit the receiver pin
  • Added lubrication retention with less lubrication required
  • Less pin to trigger friction with low pin wear
Less trunnion hole deflection
Fits receiver using the standard GI size 0.155 receiver pins.

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MK-II A2 Options

Standard Pin M-K IIA2 $185.95, Standard Pin M-K IIA2 with parts kit $214.95, Large Pin Colt M-K IIA2 $175.95, Large Pin Colt M-K IIA2 with parts kit $204.95, Standard Pin M-K IIA2 with Bronze Advantage $195.95, Standard Pin M-K IIA2 With Bronze Advantage and parts kit $220.95, A2/A1 Parts Kit. Fits Standard and Large pin triggers $35.95