Announcing The New Wisconsin Trigger Co. Swimming Pool

This has been the wettest spring and summer I can remember. We used to have a 4 bay loading dock in back. Now instead we have an Olympic sized swimming pool. The factory across the street did one better and installed a new lake in their truck lot and a moat around the office entrance.

flooded front of US Cem

The office door was cut off

The UPS drivers can wash off their trucks as they drive by, saving them a lot of cleanup time at the end of the day.( Link to video)

Truck plowing water

The street in front of The Wisconsin Trigger shop. Just to the west

Flooded lot across the street

US Cem lot was totally under water .

The towns around us have gotten a bunch of rain also. Just south of us is Fort Atkinson. Along the river coming from Lake Koshkonong there were no wake signs on the road. Most of the houses, campers and shacks along the road are underwater.

Just south of Fort on the river

No Wake on the road in to a campgrounds

To the northeast of Watertown is Sugar Island. It’s not an island and they don’t grow sugar anywhere in the area but that’s the name of the town.

This is a field not a lake

North of Watertown. This is a field not a lake

Well, it’s an island now. Most of the roads are closed and the Rock River has flooded even the swamps.

Flooded out swamp north of Watertown

Flooded out swamp north of Watertown

All and all it’s very impressive to drive around and do some boating with the Camry.

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