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Before the Biggunner81 podcast I hinted of a new product from The Wisconsin Trigger Company. I made the announcement on the Biggunner81 podcast so now for everyone who did not watch the show or has not listened to it, listen up. Starting in July The Wisconsin Trigger Company will be selling complete AR15 lower receivers. We will have PSA aluminum receivers with M-K X triggers installed and tuned and pulling about 4.75 lbs, ready for National Match competition. Just put on your upper of choice and away you go.

We will also be offering inexpensive polymer FMK receivers with an M-K IIA2 installed, tuned and ready to go, with a trigger pull of about 5 lbs. We decided to go with the M-K IIA2 trigger in the FMK because it is the most well rounded trigger we have. The A2’s are fast and have an incredible release. If you are looking for a lower priced way to have a rifle that can compete in a speed match with a 16 inch lightweight barreled upper, this is it. Switch to an upper with a long heavy barrel to try your hand at service rifle competition or maybe some long range target shooting. The FMK receivers are finished off with a MagPul pistol grip and buttstock in your choice of OD Green or FDE (Flat Dark Earth).

FMK and a M-K IIA2

FMK with an M-K IIA2 Trigger installed and tuned ready to run

New FMK receiver with an M-K IIA2 trigger installed and ready for competition.

With all of the M-K triggers you can always swap out the springs to raise or lower the pull weight and change the first and second stage split. There is no need to readjust the disconnector when you do this. So as you gain experience and want to change the pull weight split to better match your changing shooting style you can do so.

Check out The Wisconsin Trigger Company website starting in July for ordering details.

Here is some INFO on the M-K X and the M-K IIA2 triggers.

The M-K X is the latest AR-15 National Match trigger from the Wisconsin trigger company. Built specifically for national match and long range competition. The M-K  X uses a national match purpose designed X disconnector. The new X disconnector has a long reset and the finest release on the market. This is very beneficial when using optics by reducingthe amount of movement the shooter sees during the hammer release. Combined with the adjustable overtravel, adjustable second stage weight, multiple trigger springs, Bronze Advantage and the Wisconsin Trigger Company left or right install safety selector you have it all in one trigger.

This is the trigger used by Madison Butler of the Texas State Rifle Association Jr. Team to set the current Junior world record in 2017 scoring a 498- 24x. Placing her as the top  woman shooter and the 1st Junior and 6th overall competitor in the nation for EIC matches in 2017.

The Finest National Match Trigger AR-15 is just a click away.

Madison ready to go

Madison Butler at Camp Perry

The M-K X  is a Bronze Advantage trigger. What is the Bronze Advantage?

The M-K IIA2  is a tactical/match trigger, at home at the 600 yard line of Camp Perry as well as in a high speed, 3 gun match.

Available in: Standard Pin, Standard Pin with The Bronze Advantage is for standard pin only, Large Pin Colt.


  • Short reset disconnector, allowing for faster follow up shots.
  • Factory pre-cut trigger housing tail, saving time and
    eliminating the need to set overtravel.
  • Standard Pin (i.e. Mil-spec) size 0.155 receiver pins
  • M-K IIA2 high lights

    The M-K IIA2 Trigger

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