Michael Jackson Was Saved By a Marine’s Reaction Time

This was told to me by a very good friend. He is a retired USMC LT COL with 30 years in. He’s a big guy, always keeps himself in good shape, does a lot of defense training and helps train others. Definitely not the type of person you would randomly choose to mess with. He married way above his pay grade, to a wonderful woman who was raised in Beverly Hills.

They like to travel and this particular trip was to California, for a friends and family tour. Being the good husband he is, the happy couple headed to downtown Beverly Hills so the wife could do some shopping.

When they got to the shopping area, they parked the car and started walking. If you read the post about 007 and his lack of situational awareness, my friend is the exact opposite. As they walk up to the next store his wife wanted to check out, he noticed a new and very large Rolls Royce limousine parked in front. He said his first thought was of impending doom. This place was going to be expensive. But being a brave leader of men, he opened the door for his wife and followed her in to the store.

Inside, the store was set up without rhyme or reason. It was not well lit, the shelves and racks did not create a pattern to walk down, it had a lot of dead ends and turns. So he started to drop back as his wife puttered along looking at the merchandise.

They walked along this way for a few minutes, with not much for a Marine to do but give out a few yes dear’s. Suddenly she lets out a shocked scream. He hears this and being the ever protective husband and battle hardened Marine, he leaps past his wife to engage and neutralize the threat. All the time he is moving, he is running attack plans in his head. A quick mental check of resources. California, no gun, dressed in a nice sport coat, no knife, wife’s purses, too small and soft. The store was built for looks, not fighting, with folded clothes on the shelves. OK, no weapons, he thought.  This will need to be hand to hand.

As he got to his wife and made to the corner, he moved her behind himself, and is immediately confronted by a masked assailant.

Nope not this guy

No, this is not quite it.

Colonel Leather Neck instantly cranked his arm back, made a fist ready to drive it through the mask, face and wall behind the menacing masked figure. A scream even more girly than his wife’s stopped his fist at mid release. At the same time the squeal was being discharged, Mr. Bad guy turned and ran away. The colonel’s training instantly told him this threat had been neutralized.

Michael Jackson

Yep, this is the one.

The store keeper rushed to the scene and informed the victorious Jar Head he would need to leave. It turned out he had almost punched Michael Jackson. On the upside, if he would have let it go he most likely would have Andrew Dice Clay, Brain Smashed (go watch the movie) little Michael. A plastic surgery nose does not take the force that a marine protecting his wife can dish out.

If it were not for the reactions of a well-trained marine, Michael Jackson would have been dead a few years earlier.

Oh yeah, they had to leave before his wife was able to spend any money. This story had a  happy ending all the way around.