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Below are the Overview and Installation videos from The Wisconsin Trigger Company YouTube Channel

The last video shows the trigger in action at the range.

The NEW M-K IIA3 Tactical Trigger

The NEW M-K IIA2 GEN2 Tactical Trigger

This first video is an overview and some history of the Milazzo-Krieger 2-Stage Trigger System. It includes information on setting the disconnector for 2nd stage engagement, setting the overtravel, and checking safety engagement. The video also addresses proper care and maintenance and the proper tools that are needed for installation.

This second video provides instructions on the removal of the old trigger system, and installing and setting second stage on the new trigger system.

This third video provides instructions on setting the overtravel, as well as fine tuning and adjustments. It also provides instructions on the care and maintenance of the new trigger system on your firearm.

Here’s a video of the trigger in action at the range.