I Hear Voices in my head

The Bigguner81 podcast went well. William set up a very impressive microphone and headset for me to use. It was way better quality then the old headset and microphone combination unit I had used in the past. If it would have worked it would have been awesome, but it did not. So much for high tech.

big time mic don't work so well

My desk with the big shot sound stuff.

What we ended up doing was using my phone to call Biggunner and he put his phone next to his microphone. The end result was I had about a 2 second delay of my own voice in my head set. If I took the headset off I could not hear the others in the group.

You know how it’s funny to hear your own voice well? It’s even funnier to hear it 2 seconds after you talked and are trying to complete a sentence. Oh well. I got through it and had a great time doing it.

Ron and a lower on Biggunner81 show

One great looking guy with a AR15 lower

Rick AKA Biggunner81 is very knowledgeable on gun topics as is his co-host / engineer TJ. The other guest was Cory from Southern Style Beards. All 3 were a pleasure to talk with and I would be happy to be on the show again. Next time I will have a working microphone.

This is the YouTube link if you would like to have a look at the show.


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