I Drove Past this for Years
the grave of the world's smallest man.

The grave of the world’s smallest man. John C. Lewis

I was looking around on the interweb for obscure touristy type sites to take my wife to on her birthday road trip. I came across a website with a whole bunch of odd little out-of-the-way things to see in Wisconsin. The sites are listed by city and I saw Ixonia listed. Ixonia is the town Wisconsin Trigger was in before we moved to the larger buildings in Watertown. The site was listed as the grave of the world’s smallest man. It is a small cemetery on Hwy P, just outside of town. I had driven past that cemetery at least twice a day for the last 4 years and had no clue this grave was there. I must admit I thought the website was wrong. No way would someone this famous and something as notable as the world’s smallest man’s grave not be published by the town. That night after we closed the shop we went for a ride and sure enough, he’s buried there. John C. Lewis was just 19 Lb’s and 27 inches tall. How cool is that? After living in the area for 50 years I never heard a word about this. B.T. Barnum had Tom Thumb. John Lewis met Tom Thumb one day and Mr. Thumb towered over him. John was the small man winner for sure.

As if me, without a clue, driving past the grave of the smallest man was not odd

enough, try this. The C in his name is for his middle name Commodore. Another famous small guy working for B.T. Barnum was Commodore Nutt. By the way, Commodore Nutt was 70 Lb’s and 29-30 inches tall. John wins again. More odd name things: John’s father’s name was Lewis Lewis. And not to be outdone, a tombstone in the same cemetery marks the resting place of Humphrey Humphrey. I’ll get out there and find that one soon.



More info about John C. Lewis can be found at http://www.watertownhistory.org/Articles/Commodore%20Lewis.htm