We Even Get Some Work Done

Last Saturday I went out to the Trigger Shop and went into our main building to get one of the trucks for some maintenance work. What I found was a band, set up on the old loading dock. From outside it was loud, inside it was deafening. The posted video sounds bad. In person it was not too bad. Way too loud for an old man like me, but not bad. A few weeks before that I stopped in to look things over and found a gym had been installed in the back part of the metal finishing bay. Now we have dumbbells on the benches by the dip tanks (the round iron dumbbells, not the ones with the Wisconsin Trigger shirts on) so you can workout when you’re waiting for a rack of barrels to soak.

Employee gym

Employee gym is now set up in the park bay

If you read the blog post from Wednesday you can see we now have a pool in place of the outside loading dock. I’m starting to think that the flooding may have been planed by someone.

Flooded dock

Rear truck dock at Wisconsin Trigger.

The way things are going the next company expansion will be the installation of spotlights and brass poles on the loading dock / main stage. I will have to put my foot down at that point. After they get the poles and lights installed, that is. There is always a single mother out there looking for a way to put her child through college and who am I to stand in the way of a child’s education.

I don’t know where this transformation from trigger company into a spa started. I guess I can’t complain because we still get some work out the door. I think that’s enough typing for now. I need to get back to to the trigger building and work on the race car. That’s real work, not that playtime fun work everyone else is doing out there.


Wisconsin Trigger’s Production Manager William with the band E For Effort will make an appearance at Milwaukee’s Summerfest  on the HARLEY-DAVIDSON ROADHOUSE.  They will be on stage Friday July 6th at 2:00Pm.