Hangup And Go to The Neighbors

Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

A friend of ours is an attorney. He received a panicked phone call from the wife of a client. She was panic stricken because the police had just burst in to her house with a search warrant and arrested her husband. The attorney asked what agency they were. She said, “Letters. DE something.” He told her to immediately hang up and go to the neighbors to call him. She asked why. He said, “Because your phone is tapped.” She responded that the phone was not tapped and she knew this because there were no clicks like in the movies. The attorney said again, “Hang up and call me from your neighbor’s phone.”

She went to the neighbors and called him back. They discussed the situation.

A few months later, our attorney friend was walking through the local courthouse and was approached by one of the DAs, who told him his name had just come up at a meeting. The detectives were not happy. Apparently the phone log simply said that the suspect’s wife had called our attorney friend, who told her to hang up and call from the neighbor’s. No further information was gained.

Moral of this story: You won’t hear the click. Always listen to your attorney. And keep your mouth shut.

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