You Need To Be Better Than Bond, James Bond


This winter Hulu had all the old James Bond films available, so my wife and watched them. Now all us true cool guys know Bond James Bond is definitely one of us. His way with the ladies is second to none. His gadgets are cutting edge technology for 1969. But I have to tell you, in real life he doesn’t stand a chance in a gunfight.

Aston Martin DB5

007 with his cool guy Aston Martin DB5

James is missing one of the most basic skills needed: Situational Awareness. In every one of the movies he is sneaked up on by whichever criminal master mind he is battling. Every bad guy in the movie stands a chance at getting the drop on him. I’m not talking about the ninja trainedYou Need To Be Better Then 007 like Oddjob or Fiona Volpe. He’s caught off guard by NPCs. I’m sorry but James has absolutely no situational awareness at all. Next time you watch an old 007 movie keep an eye out for it.

he greatest Bond villain of all time.

Oddjob The greatest Bond
henchmen of all time.

I have had the opportunity to take a few firearms training classes with some best instructors in the business. They all have different ways of doing things and slightly different methods to teaching. But the one thing they all have in common and pound in to your head is situational awareness. Most of the time it will keep you out of trouble. Look around, don’t walk with your head down and ear buds in with the music turned up. If trouble does start, know your surroundings. Make a mental note of how many people were behind you, who did you just walk past, what type of cover can you reach. That is Situational Awareness. I do not have the knowledge, experience or ability to go on about what to do in a gunfight. All I know is what I have been told and that’s all I feel I can pass on.

Now that I have pointed out 007’s shortcomings you’ll be amazed at how much of it you can see in other shows. The Rifleman (Chuck Connors) walks by bad guys all the time and never knows who is coming up behind him. You can see it for yourself.

Oh ya, James can’t shoot worth a darn either. Every time he pulls his PPK out he misses. Check it out.